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Reel Online Training delivers professional instruction from premier trainers. The lessons and instruction are designed to help riders and horse owners just like YOU to reach a level of training knowledge they never imagined possible.

All Proceeds Support
The Youth Equestrian Scholarship Program

The focus of our Reel Online Training School is to provide broad based equestrian training videos. Our passion is to help individuals further their equestrian knowledge and improve their horsemanship skills. Furthering our focus and passion, our youth-oriented scholarship program is to be used towards show fees and educational expenses with ultimate goal of keeping young people involved in the equine industry.

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REEL Online Training Membership

  • All proceeds support the Youth Equestrian Scholarship Program
  • Members only access to online training videos
  • Members only forum to ask any questions and chat with other horse people
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No Pressure

Finally, you can take the time to master every maneuver, go over it again and again, at home or through your smartphone while on horseback.

Your Horse Will Not Judge You

Remove the embarrassment and prejudging that every rider feels when they don’t get the concept the first time. Take your time and work with your horse to become the best at each step and put it all together to become a master.

Communication Details, Details, Details

Online Training School will provide specific detail individually working with your hands, your seat, and your legs.

Low Cost Tuition

For less then the cost of a barefoot trim. You can watch from any device – laptop, iPad, tablet or cell phone. In the arena or on your couch, watch as much as you like because you can catch something new every time you watch it.

Join the Family

An online forum is also part of the school. This open forum will help get any questions answered and or just open the doors to chat with other horsey people.

Tell a Friend

Invite a friend to join up and practice with you. This exciting adventure and the monthly goals are better shared with a friend. Become part of the REEL family! More fun features will be added as our new digital equine school family grows.


Our goal for 2020 is to benefit three to five young riders in competitive events. Additionally, we also intend to provide equestrian education benefits to other riders. Members only. Apply online today!

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